The Best Sit and Stand Strollers for Infants and Toddlers

Have you ever seen a weird-looking stroller where on one end there appears to be a traditional stroller but on the other end, there’s a big “empty” space.

Chances are you’ve seen a sit and stand stroller.

If you are a mom with a 5-year-old kid and maybe a newborn or a toddler, this stroller could be a lifesaver.

It can accommodate them both and make running errands easier by keeping all of your little ones in one place.

Sit and Stand strollers are specialized strollers built for families with children with a large age gap.

A sit and stand stroller functions with an older child standing at the back of the frame, and then a baby seated in the regular stroller seat.

That “empty space” actually has a seat to accommodate the older child in most cases. This can be the all in one child mover for a small family.

stroller for newborn and 5 year old

In this article we will review the following Sit and Stand Strollers: 

Assessment Criteria For the Sit And Stand Stroller


A good sit and stand stroller can accommodate and withstand at least 70 pounds. That’s the average combined weight of two children sitting in a stroller.

For easy reference, we have included the average weight for males and females below from two to five years of age.

This will allow you to also determine of each model will be suitable for you and can accommodate your children into the future.

Average male weight:

boys average weight

Average female weight:

Girls Average Weight

Security And Safety

Each child needs to have secure straps and harnesses. The traditional stroller needs to have a five-point harness. The standing child needs to have at least a three-point when they sit.

A sit and stand stroller also need to have a proper brake system. It needs to have a locking mechanism both in the front and rear wheels.

Aside from that, the older child needs to have secure handrails for support when they stand or while they sit.

It is also necessary for both children to be protected against harmful UV rays. It is a must that strollers have sun shades or canopies.

Ease Of Folding

Easy folding and unfolding is essential. As a mom that’s already handling two kids, you need a stroller that will fold and unfold in a snap.

It is also best to have something that’s easy to store and will not occupy a lot of space in the house when not in use.

Best Sit And Stand Strollers For Infants

1. Baby Trend Sit N Stand

Baby Trend Sit N Stand

This is a versatile stroller that can address the needs of families with children of different ages. It is perfect for children ages one to five years old. Although, there are families who are still using this stroller until their kids reached eight or nine years of age.

It is sturdy and durable. The frame of the stroller is made from metal. It can accommodate two children at least 50 pounds each. Running errands with two kids in tow is easy with this stroller.

There are a number of car seats that can fit this stroller – Baby Trend, Graco and many others. Imagine that, you can actually use this stroller for newborn babies and toddlers.

This stroller has cup holders in all the proper places. It has removable cup holders for older children. It also features covered cup holders for parents.

It also has a storage basket for diaper bags and some of your stuff as well.

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2. ​Joovy Caboose Tandem Stroller

Joovy Caboose Tandem Stroller

This sit and stand stroller can actually be your very own travel system especially for moms with multiple kids. It comes with a universal adapter so that all car seats can fit into it.

Maneuvering this stroller is easy which is important especially if you have two kids to monitor and supervise.

It also has safety features such as parking brakes and a suspension system.

Babies love this stroller because it is comfortable. The front part of the stroller has seat that can be reclined in three positions.

It has extended canopy that’s enough to protect both kids. The rear front comes with a padded seat to make it more comfortable to sit on.

The front can accommodate a maximum weight of 45 pounds. The rear can also accommodate the same weight.

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3. Hello Kitty Sit N Stand

Hello Kitty Sit N Stand

What more can you ask for – a stroller with Hello Kitty design combined with functionality. That’s what you get with Baby Trend Hello Kitty Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller. It is easy to drive and the kids are comfortable riding it.

This stroller is easy to store.

Once folded, it becomes this compact size stroller that you can put away even in the smallest space in your house. It is also lightweight.

Children are safe every time they use this stroller. It has a foot-activated brake system and restraints on both sides of the stroller.

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4. Graco Roomfor2

This sit and stand stroller was designed with both the moms and the children in mind.

The front seat where you can find the traditional stroller reclines to different positions making your child comfortable even while he or she sleeps.

The seat at the rear part of the stroller is padded which makes it comfortable for the older child to sit on.

It is also sturdy enough for him or her to stand while you are pushing the stroller.

And just like most tandem strollers in the market, this tandem stroller has a one-hand fold mechanism that makes folding and unfolding a breeze for moms who’s already juggling two to three kids at once.

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Advantages Of The Sit And Stand Stroller

  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It is best for families that have multiple children with age gap.
  • This stroller allows freedom to both children. The older child has enough room to stand and to sit while exploring his or her environment.
  • The older child maintains independence while learning how to take care for the younger sibling.
  • Moms can monitor both kids at the same time which is great when you are in a crowded space like the zoos, parks or malls

Disadvantages Of The Sit And Stand Stroller

  • It is not advisable to use this stroller on rough terrains. It is hard to maneuver and is best suited for concrete pavements.
  • The older child is more exposed to sunlight.
  • If the younger child is in a lying position, the older child will not have enough room to sit.
  • Can be tough with the two kids are fighting.

Final Word

The Hello Kitty is a well built and functional option, but also very gender-specific.

Your five year old son may not be as enthusiastic about jumping on board, and Dad may not be as eager to push it either.

I am sure the daughter could convince him though.

So in the interest of gender neutrality and broader appeal we will stick with the original Baby Trend for our recommendation.

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