Car and Truck Theme Tot School: Plus Free Printable Activities

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In this tot school we will be exploring activities using cars and trucks. 

This is a tot school theme that boys are more likely to gravitate towards but toddlers of either gender can enjoy the car and truck coloring activities. Just don’t expect as much enthusiasm from a little girl.  

We have included some free printable coloring activities so be sure to grab these below. 

Tot School Cars & Trucks

Car and Truck Materials Used

Here is a summary of everything we have used in the tot trays in this post.

You probably have a lot of square objects laying around the house that can be used in the activities, or sensory bins so feel free to substitute the materials for what you have on hand. 

If you don’t have the time to put together your own tot school activities yourself you can get activity boxes sent to you each month with a variety of learning activities that are suitable for toddlers.

We recommend the following for each age group: 

Check out the full list of STEM activity boxes here

Car and Truck Tot School Ideas

1. Racetrack Coloring and Play

Coloring Racing TrackYou get two activities in one here. First, you can color in the racetrack. There is enough space to include some grass areas, lakes, and any other features that your toddler can imagine. 

When the track itself is finished then it is time to use it with the toy cars. 

You may already have a racetrack mat that will be familiar to your toddler so this is a pretty easy one to get started with. 

Materials used: 

  • Racetrack printout
  • Crayons
  • Toy cars

2. Basic Car and Truck Coloring

Car and Truck Coloring SimpleUsing your crayons or colored markers just print out the free worksheet provided and place in your tot tray.

Both the car and truck shape is big and has minimal detail. So broad colored areas are possible. 

This is ideal for younger toddlers and an easy coloring activity. 

Materials used:

  • Printed worksheet
  • Crayons or markers

3. Advanced Car and Truck Coloring

Car and Truck Coloring AdvancedThe final page of the worksheet is a more advanced car and truck coloring activity. 

Both shapes are more detailed in the features of the vehicle that is highlighted. If your toddler is getting better with the use of colors, and is better at following the lines of the drawing then they will enjoy the extra challenge of this activity. 

Materials used: 

  • Printed worksheet
  • Crayons or markers

4. Car and Truck Play

Car and Truck PlayTo keep the theme going you can dig out those car and truck toys. 

Pile them onto the tot tray and see your little guy start driving them around, making engine noises, and possibly crashing into each other. 

Perhaps a good time to start recognizing the size difference between cars and trucks. A skill that will serve them well when outside the house! 

Materials used: 

  • Toy cars
  • Toy trucks

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Final Word

If you liked these activities be sure to bookmark this page and come back later. There will be an update to these activities coming soon. 

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