Frankenstein Paper Plate Craft Idea for Halloween

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This project will turn an ordinary paper plate into a confronting Frankenstein face, complete with a stitched up jaw and neck bolts. 

There is a lot of coloring in with this Halloween craft idea, which you can substitute for painting if you want a different kind of activity. There is also some threading of yarn that will be a bit more challenging for a younger toddler, but will help develop those motor skills if given some time. 

Full written instructions are included in this post, along with pictures for each step and a video demonstration. 

Frankenstein Paper Plate Craft Idea for Halloween

Prepare Your Paper Plate Craft Materials

If you want to stick with coloring in rather than painting then your craft materials will be very simple, and mostly mess free. 

Again, feel free to interchange your crayons for paint. This will require a bit more time when you factor in time to dry and cleaning up the paint brushes and table covering. 

Frankenstein Paper Plate Craft Material

Paper Plate Frankenstein Video Demonstration

Check out the time-lapse video below of the project being completed from start to finish. 

After you see how the project comes together it will be much easier to do with your kids as you work through the written instructions.



How to Make a Frankenstein Paper Plate Craft

How to Make a Frankenstein from a Paper Plate

Turn an ordinary paper plate into a happy, but spooky, Frankenstein face - complete with mouth stitches, and bolts protruding out the side.

This is a Halloween craft idea that is great for kids, and is a quick & easy addition to your decorations.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy


Stage 1: Color and Cut the Paper Plate

  1. Step 1 - Completely color in your paper plate with a green crayon. Feel free to use markers or paint if preferred. Step 1
  2. Step 2 - Cut 2" from both sides of the paper plate, and a 4" piece from the bottom. Your paper plate should now be in four pieces in total, and your largest piece will be the face. Step 2

Stage 2: Add the Frankenstein's Facial Features

  1. Step 3 - Cut a square of black paper to the same width as your face section of the paper plate. Step 3
  2. Step 4 - Place the black paper at the top end of your paper plate face, and then cut a zig-zag shape into the lower edge of the black paper. This is your Frankenstein hair, and the zig-zags will highlight that strange looking hairline. Step 4
  3. Step 5 - Cut a two big letter T shapes from the same black paper. This will be used as those bolts that protrude out the side of Frankenstein's head. Step 5
  4. Step 6 - Using a marker draw the eyes and nose of Frankenstein directly onto the green surface of the paper plate. Step 6

Stage 3: Assemble Frankenstein's Facial Features

  1. Step 7 - Glue the hair and bolts in place on the face. Step 7
  2. Step 8 - Align your 4" piece of paper plate that was cut off the base to where it was initially cut off. This will be the jaw and it will be held in place with yarn - but first we need to mark where we will punch the holes through the paper plate. Use a black crayon to add markings that align on both pieces of paper plate. Step 8
  3. Step 9 - Grab a hole punch and proceed to create the holes where your markings are on both the main face, and the jaw piece that will dangle beneath. Step 9
  4. Step 10 - Weave the yarn through the holes the punched holes - go from top to bottom to create Frankenstein’s stitch marked grin. Step 10
  5. Step 11 - Secure the ends of the yarn by putting tape at both ends. Step 11
  6. Step 12 - Your adorable Frankenstein decoration is ready!

Why Make a Frankenstein Face Craft

While there is not a lot of educational benefit in Frankenstein’s monster, it will certainly get them into the Halloween spirit. 

This legendary character is more than 200 years old and is a permanent fixture when Halloween decorations go up, and trick or treat costumes are decided. 

It is easy to create this project and while he has some scary features it is a fun decoration to place around the house. Plus there is always a benefit to creating something from ordinary items like a paper plate. 

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Final Word

Halloween is the perfect time to explore some unusual craft ideas and create some characters that you wouldn’t normally do with kids. 

This Frankenstein craft idea has just the right mix of weird, without being too scary for your children, and is a great addition to your Halloween decorations this year. 

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