9 Simple and Colorful Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

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Halloween is one of those holidays where the activities never get old. When you have kids it is just an excuse to immerse yourself into the fun once again, and engaging with your children on Halloween themed crafts is a great way to build-up to the big day.

Through these interactive projects, you will be able to teach your children about the meaning of Halloween and all the different ways in which you can celebrate.

We have put together a list of fun and cute Halloween craft ideas suitable for toddlers that you can add to your decorations this year.

Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers

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9 Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers and PreSchoolers

1. Paper Plate Frankenstein’s Monster

How to Make a Frankenstein from a Paper Plate

Starting off with a simple paper plate that can be turned into a friendly version of Frankenstein’s Monster with some basic cutting, and coloring in.

We used crayon, but you could also paint your way to a green face, and then layer on some colored paper to create your freaky face. 

2. Ghost Lollipops with Coffee Filters

How to Make Lollipop Ghost Crafts

If you wanted to get creative with your trick or treat candy, these ghost lollipops take just seconds to make and can add some character to your candy bowl. 

Your kids can draw on the faces while you wrap up the coffee filters to create that ghosty sheet kind of look. Wth a production line going like that you can fill a bowl of these in 10-15 minutes. 

3. Footprint Ghost Craft

How to Make a Footprint Ghost Craft

This is a great project for younger toddlers due to the simplicity of the project.

After you get painted up and get your footprint on a contrasting color of paper, all you need to do is trace and draw some faces on. 

4. Bottle Cap Spiders

Bottle Cap Spider Craft

These cute little spider crafts are quick & easy to make and add a level of creepiness to your decorations.

Due to their small size you can add groups of these around windowsills, or anywhere you want to put up spider webbing. 

Perhaps put some in the mailbox to see if you can catch the mailman by surprise.

5. Mason Jar Mummy Lantern

Mason Jar Mummy Craft

Placing these around your living room on Halloween night will give your house an ominous glow and create a cool spooky atmosphere. 

They are also quite funny looking with the beady stick-on eyes.

You can go for the simple white colors, or you can have your kids decorate them in any colors they please. They look great either way! 

6. Frankenstein’s Monster Toilet Roll Craft

Frankenstein Toilet Roll Craft

Coming back to our Frankenstein character, but this time we are recycling your everyday leftover toilet rolls. 

Paint them that slimy green color and then get to work adding your facial features, and funny looking bolts that protrude out the side of his head. 

7. Popsicle Stick Halloween Faces 

How to Make Craft Stick Monster Faces

This project takes a little longer than most due to the amount of drying time for the glue and the paint. 

But it is an incredibly versatile Halloween craft in that once you create your craft stick canvass you can paint, and glue your way to almost any Halloween charater or decoration theme that you like! 

We have gone for Frankenstein, bats, and scarecrows here. But you can easily go white for ghosts, and orange for pumpkins, and add faces to suit.

8. Paper Plate Halloween Monsters

How to Make Halloween Paper Plate Monsters

This painting activity will turn plain old paper plates into a create your own monster activity that kids will love. 

With big features and the liberal paint job required, toddlers will have a great time making their creation unique. Older kids can take the detail to the next level and enjoy this one just as much. 

This is a very colorful addition to your Halloween decorations this year. 

9. Paper Plate Mummy

How to Make a Paper Plate Mummy

If you are looking for a simpler paper plate project these mummies are easy to make, and relatively mess free when compared to the painted monsters at no. 8. 

All you need for this project is string, tape, and a stack of paper plates. 

You can use toilet paper instead of string if you wanted something that better resembles the bandages of a mummy. We like the neatness of the string so went with that for our demo project. 

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Final Word

There are so many characters and creatures that are associated with the Halloween holiday that you will never run out of ideas. 

Craft activities are a great way to build excitement for the big night of trick or treating and help them understand the meaning of Halloween. The activities will also ensure your kids have some involvement in the decorations around your house each year. 

It is one of the most fun holidays and hopefully these projects give you a few ideas for your next family activity.

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