95 Stunning Nursery Decals and Theme Ideas in 2021

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We have trawled through thousands of Pinterest pins and Instagram posts to bring to you a central source of inspiration for your Nursery project.

Decorating and DIY’ing your nursery will be one of the more fund child-related activities in the lead up to the birth of your new arrival.

The hard part is making a decision on your nursery theme!

We will not pretend to be making this choice any easier for you here – there are 100 options after all – but what we can do is try and prevent any kind of remorse in your choice if only you knew about this other theme.

nursery theme ideas and decals

DIY Nursery Decal Tutorials

Even if you feel you have no DIY skills, most wall features and decals are so easy to use that anyone can do it.

If you have used stickers at any stage in your life then you are more than qualified. We have stuck to the out of the box options in this post. You can check out some DIY craft options in the nursery here.

If you have not done this before check out the demonstration video below. There are a few easy hacks that will make this process a breeze.

Wallpaper will be a bit more technical as you will have to measure and cut your sheets to fit the wall.

This is still an easy DIY project, but it is more time consuming and requires some precision.

Just remember that you can always trim back a piece that is too big, but you cannot add back in what you cut off:

Measure twice, cut once

Overestimate and trim, don’t underestimate and patch

Outdoor Nursery Decals

We have ten design themes below to get you started and inspire your creativity.

1. Cabin

  • Gender: Male
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Colors: Natural: tan, brown; accent: green (hunter or olive), red
  • Design Elements: Animals: bears, deer, and moose; patterns: red/black plaid; natural wood
  • Accessories: Bear rug; mounted hunting trophies
  • Wall Features: Forest cabin interior: wood paneling with mounted deer and/or moose
wood paneling wall decor

You can transform your nursery into a warm & cozy log cabin setting with some wood paneling wall paper stickers.

This rolls out easily on your wall of choice and the installation is just a peel and stick process.

When you have your cabin setting any animal toys will look right at home!

2. Woodland

  • Gender: Neutral
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Colors: Neutral: tan, cream; accent: navy, orange, green
  • Design Elements: Animals: foxes, deer, hedgehogs, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, owls; trees
  • Accessories: Mobiles and stuffed animals featuring woodland creatures; natural wood picture frames
  • Wall Features: Forest scene: Trees and animals
woodland wall decal

A fully customizable name will add that personal touch to your woodland setting.

Combined with the cute animal cartoons looking over your crib, this is an easy kick start to your woodland themes nursery project.

3. Mountain

  • Gender: Neutral
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Colors: Cool colors: blues and greys; accent: green, yellow
  • Design Elements: Mountains: cold and snowy, or warm and green
  • Accessories: Woodland theme bedding; mountain or woodland accent pillows
  • Wall Features: Mountain decal or stencils
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The light refreshing colors of this decal are probably more boy’ish with the green central feature.

The plane over head is a nice touch amongst the clouds and gives off an ambiance that cries sleep… Hopefully that is exactly what it encourages!

4. Adventure

  • Gender: Male
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Colors: Monochrome: black and white; accent: pop with any color
  • Design Elements: Combining tribal, travel, and cabin theme details
  • Accessories: Teepee; globe; tribal wall decor
  • Wall Features: Minimal; Tribal Arrow Compass
tribal wall decal

This simple compass decal will be a unique addition to your feature wall, and will go with just about any color you can imagine for your nursery… Except black of course.

From there you can put together a blend of rustic and modern features to suit your taste.

5. Camping

  • Gender: Male
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Colors: Natural: brown, green; accent: navy, orange
  • Design Elements: Trees: evergreen and birch; activities: rowing, campfire cooking, fishing
  • Accessories: Tent; oars; faux campfire; tree stump cushions
  • Wall Features: Trees and night sky, with tent over the crib
camping and adventure decorations

Multiple pieces are included in this camping scene set of decals that are perfect for that great outdoor setting. You can spread these out across the room to support your theme design.

This setting may inspire a love of the outdoors and camping for your baby.

6. Nature

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