Sit and Stand vs Double Stroller Performance Comparison

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When you go from one young child to two a double stroller becomes a necessity. There are five different categories of stroller that allow for dual riding but not all are suitable for daily use.

In this article, we will conduct a detailed comparison of the double vs the sit n stand stroller. These are the three design categories (yes three, this will make sense soon) most commonly used for day-to-day use.

We will score each design on a number of performance areas that reflect how you may use the stroller. This will help you decide which type of most suitable for your situation.

Quick Summary

Your choices are mostly determined by the age of your two kids and what seating configuration you prefer:

  • Buy a Sit and Stand Stroller: If you have an older child that is capable (and willing!) of standing on the rear platform and won’t mind the bench seat.
  • Buy a Double Stroller: If you have children that are closer together in age and will require comfortable and safe seating at the same time.
sit n stand vs double strollers

Stroller Style Definitions

Double Stroller

You can get a number of specialized stroller designs (such as jogger and all-terrain strollers) in double format. We have excluded these for the purpose of this article as they are more lifestyle purchases that are not always practical.

Within this category you also have two design variations for the seating configuration:

  • Side by side: Stroller frame is two seats wide and both have the same view. Usually an inflexible configuration.
  • Tandem: Stroller frame is a single seat wide with one sitting behind the other. Most designs allow you to change some elements of the seating configuration (forward or rear-facing, and height adjustments).

These variations can change the experience of using a double stroller significantly.

Sit and Stand

There is far less variation within this category with the general shape the same across different brands and models.

Double Stroller vs Sit and Stand

We have scored each style of stroller on 7 different performance elements. Most of these are black and white and based on manufacturer specifications.

However, not each performance element will be relevant for what you want to use it for.

So, to achieve a practical outcome you will need to cross out the lines that are not important and add up the remaining points (if you agree with our assessment).


A double stroller will always have two seats regardless of the configuration (the name is a bit of a clue!).

Sit and stand strollers will vary depending on the model. Some will include a small bench seat in the back of the frame.

Two can sit down, but it is not really two seats. So the double stroller design comes out on top in this measure.

Verdict: Double Stroller

Flexible Configurations

The tandem double stroller is the only design variation that allows for reconfiguration of the seats.

  • Side by Side: Inflexible
  • Tandem: Flexible seat direction and height
  • Sit and Stand: Inflexible

Verdict: Double Stroller (Tandem)


For the purpose of the comparison, we have used our top-ranking stroller for each design category. Each model has been noted next to the measurement.

Exact measurements will vary depending on the manufacturer and the model but this is useful a general guide for a high-quality stroller.

  • Side by Side: 29″ (Zoe XL2 Stroller)
  • Tandem: 25.6″ (Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0)
  • Sit and Stand: 21.5″ (Baby Trend Sit n Stand Ultra Stroller)

Verdict: Sit and Stand

Stroller Seats Recline

The side-by-side double stroller is the only design that can recline without encroaching on space that is being used by another child.

A tandem stroller could have the reclined seat leaning into the front of the rear seat space (although this will not usually affect either baby’s comfort levels).

The sit and stand could recline and cut into the space for the bench seat, but the standing platform will be fine.

Verdict: Double Stroller (Side by Side)

Storage Capacity

All three models can accommodate a large storage basket. The only design that has an advantage here is the side-by-side double due to the larger width of the basket.

This is a general statement based on the size of the frame and something that will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Verdict: Double Stroller (Side by Side)

Folded Size

There are some additional storage difficulties with the double stroller designs. The large frame and removable seats can make it slightly more difficult than the sit and stand.

  • Side by Side: Unavoidably large frame
  • Tandem: May require seat removal when collapsing
  • Sit and Stand: Easy to collapse and no extra seat to store

Verdict: Sit and Stand


As with most stroller designs, there is a large variation between the cheapest and most expensive versions. However, our market research showed that double strollers have lower minimums and higher highs (reputable brands only).

This gives you a bit more flexibility to decide on the quality you want for your money.

  • Double Stroller: $80 – $400
  • Sit and stand: $99 – $250

Verdict: Double Stroller

Why Buy a Double Stroller

Graco Double Stroller Designs

The common argument for each style of double stroller is if you have two children that are fairly close together in age.

This makes the two seats a necessity! The variation you choose will largely depend on:

  • Side by side: Both kids need to be ready to face outwards, it also helps if you have a wide front door!
  • Tandem: If you have a young child who will benefit from facing you while walking in the stroller.

If you are interested in learning more about brands and designs then check out our list of the best double strollers on the market here.

Why Buy a Sit and Stand Stroller

Sit and Stand Stroller Features

A sit-and-stand stroller is most useful when you have more of an age gap between your children.

An older toddler may love the opportunity to stand at the back of the stroller and ride the standing platform. You also have the option of the bench seat when they need a rest.

You have the seat for a younger child at the front, and also avoid unnecessary bulk in the frame for those days when you only have one child with you (if that ever really happens!).

If you are interested in learning more about brands and designs then check out our list of the best sit and stand strollers on the market here.


It is also worth mentioning that you can turn any single stroller into a sit and stand by attaching a stroller board to the rear.

This is a great option if you are on a budget and need to expand the capacity of your stroller.

But, if you are able to upgrade then you can narrow down your choices by first considering the age gap of your kids and then assessing which of the performance points considered matter most to you.

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