13 Fun and Productive Activities You can Do While Babywearing

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Babywearing is the ultimate productivity hack for new parents! Especially while they are relatively small and you do not need to lug around a big weight.

You may be surprised by just how much you can get done while your baby is close by. All while keeping them in a close, nurturing environment that will promote bonding between the two of you.

It is a win/win!

In this article, we will look at a list of activities that you can complete while your baby is strapped in for the ride. Helping you get back to your old productive self again.

How Does Babywearing Free Up Your Time?

The best part about having your baby in a carrier is that usually they will be both comfortable and occupied.

Something as simple as walking will be entertaining for them and rarely do you need to keep them entertained.

Babywearing at nap time

With their surroundings changing frequently they will be curious, and at times overwhelmed – which will often lead them to just nestle into your chest.

Not all babies respond in this way of course, but you will often find that this frees you up to get back to some normality in your day.

13 Activities you Can Do While Babywearing

1. Hands-free breastfeeding

We are starting off with something practical for new moms! Breastfeeding hands-free is a total lifesaver and buys back some of your freedom and time to get things done.

Nursing in a baby carrier is the ultimate comfort zone for babies and while they are occupied down there you can make yourself a cup of tea and relax!

Not all baby carriers are suitable for breastfeeding. Baby wraps, ring slings, and buckle carriers that can be adjusted to accommodate an upright seated position while latching is best.

We have written a full guide on baby carriers suitable for breastfeeding here.

2. Snack/eat/drink coffee on-the-go

Taking a ride in the carrier is the activity for your baby. There are plenty of stimuli all around them that will keep them entertained for at least a little while.

This frees you up for some regular everyday activities. Grab a coffee in the morning, eat a sandwich, take a stroll… everything that you do pre-kids can still be done post-kids with the magic that is babywearing.

Dropping crumbs on the baby’s head is fine, that’s all part of the experience. Just watch the hot coffee.

3. Get Your Dancing Shoes on!

If you’ve seen this adorable video of dads dancing with their babies, you know that dancing while babywearing is a real thing.

Kangatraining is the biggest international dance school offering these classes and they have trainers in 30+ locations around the world. You can search for a class near you and they even have a fun exercise class just for dads and bubs!

Of course, if you prefer the comfort of your own home, you can always just put on your favorite jam and groove with the baby in the living room. Save money, get some exercise, bond with baby – it’s a triple win! 

4. Household Chores

As long as your vacuum isn’t ridiculously loud you may find that the humming noise coupled with the gently swaying will eventually send your baby to sleep.

If not, the movement will keep them entertained while you focus on the task at hand.

Sweeping, dusting, almost anything that involves movement will get the same result… Washing dishes may prove hard though.

Just remember to keep a straight back at all times!

5. Exercising

Once they are strapped in you have built-in weight to add to the challenge of a light exercise routine.

Think standing yoga moves, squats, lunges etc.

They are all completely fine to do with a baby tucked into your chest… But again, keep that back straight!!

6. Go hiking with your baby

If you wanted to take your workouts outdoors then there are specialized hiking carriers designed for longer days out.

They have a cockpit for your baby that gives them an excellent view of their surroundings.

If you are an outdoorsy kind of family then babywearing allows you to get back to this lifestyle as soon as you are able!

Framed carriers like the Osprey Poco and Deuter Kid Comfort have high weight limits and will last up until your child can hike for themselves.

There is plenty of room for essentials like food, water, sunscreen and other necessities.

Baby carrier while exercising

7. Go shopping

Ever tried using a stroller in a crowded mall? It can be slow and painful at times. If you are heading out for some retail therapy with your baby in tow then babywearing can help keep this close to a me time activity.

Babywearing is the solution to your shopping headache. It basically allows you to go empty-handed with free hands ready to load up the car with goodies.

Babies are also known to be more settled and nap in a carrier, so the chances of them dozing off while you’re shopping are pretty high. Bonus, really.

8. Keep people away from your baby

Not an activity strictly speaking but in 2022 being able to keep people away from your baby is an important consideration when going out in public.

There’s nothing more annoying than people sticking their faces up your baby’s nose, all the while cooing with spit flying.

Babywearing is the perfect passive-aggressive way of creating a physical barrier between baby and germ-spreading strangers. 

9. Swimming

Some baby carriers are made from a waterproof and quick-dry fabric that is specially made for swimming.

You can take your baby for a splash in the pool, or a swim at the beach, with confidence knowing that they are safely strapped in.

10. Showering

When you are done with your swim you can extend your babywearing to the shower.

There is no reason you cannot bring them with you while you rinse off. As long as you are careful that water or soap is not hitting them directly in the face (duh!).

11. Playing and Cuddling

Babywearing is one big cuddle session when they are facing inwards. Sometimes you may want to put them in the carrier just because.

You can sway back and forth, and interact with your baby any time you like.

Having your hands free from supporting their weight allows you to interact with them any way you like. It is a wonderful feeling is a lot of fun.

12. Nap Time

I really struggled to get my baby to sleep until reached about two years old. The only surefire way to get them to settle was to put them in the carrier.

That soothing comfort zone is the ace up the sleeve when all else fails.

13. Traveling

Who says your traveling days are over when you have a baby? You can visit most of the same places with your baby strapped into a carrier without any problems at all.

Baby carriers are great for travel on airplanes, and most are very friendly to moms in airports. You may find your carrier gets you waived through when faced with long lines (although this is very country-dependent!).

Baby carrier on train


There are so many activities you can do while babywearing and this list is only just scratching the surface.

Make the most of it while your baby is small as they will grow fast, and eventually become too heavy to be able to do many of these activities and tasks.

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