Egg Carton and Paper Easter Basket Craft Decoration

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This simple craft idea will create some bright and colorful Easter baskets that make a very cute addition to your household decorations. 

Made from each cup in an egg carton it is a cheap and easy one to make that kids will go crazy over! 

Below you will find full instructions and a video demonstration so you can make your own egg carton Easter baskets at home.

Egg Carton and Paper Easter Basket Craft Idea

Prepare Your Egg Cartons and Craft Materials

No doubt you have some egg cartons in the fridge. So your base material is just some easy recycling.

All you will need then is some colored paper and paint. 

You can substitute the basket filling with mini chocolate eggs if you want. But don’t be surprised if they start disappearing before Easter comes! 

Egg Carton Easter Basket Materials

Egg Carton Easter Basket Video Demonstration

Check out the video below for a full walkthrough of the project. 

You can make these in just a few easy steps. If you watch from start to finish you will find it much easier to navigate the written instructions. 


How to Make an Egg Carton Easter Basket

How to make a Egg Carton Easter Basket Decoration

These cute little Easter baskets are made from individual cups in an egg carton. You can make some colorful decorations by mixing in vibrant colors when painting, with a mix of colored paper fillings for the basket. The kids will love this one at Easter time!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy


Stage 1 - Prepare the Basket Base

  1. Step 1- Cut the paper egg tray into individual pieces so you have multiple baskets. Step 1
  2. Step 2 - Paint each basket your desired color. Step 2
  3. Step 3 - Set aside to dry for five to eight minutes. Step 3

Stage 2 - Complete Basket Features

  1. Step 4 - Using a contrasting color to the basket, cut a narrow strip of paper to be used as the handle.
  2. Step 5 - Paste the basket handle in place, and a button in the center of the basket. Step 4
  3. Step 6 - Cut up some more narrow paper strips of mixed colored paper and place them in the basket.Step 5
  4. Step 6 - Your baskets are ready to be added to your easter decorations. Step 6

Why Make an Egg Carton Easter Basket

This is a cheap and easy way to get the kids involved in a fun Easter craft activity. If you have some basic craft supplies you can probably complete this one without having to buy anything extra.

Toddlers will enjoy painting egg cartons to turn them into brightly colored Easter baskets, but they may need some help with the thin paper handles. 

Everyone can personalize their own basket easily and when grouped together in a display they make for a vibrant decoration that really lights things up. 

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Final Word

You get the best of both worlds here. Recycled materials that you most likely have already, plus a great looking decoration to put up in the house. 

Feel free to experiment with chocolate basket fillings and metallic paints to take things to the next level. 

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