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Even before they are able to sit or stand up on their own, babies are ready to move. They want to push with their feet, which can lead to hours of sore thighs as you hold your bouncing baby.

Baby jumpers are a great alternative when you need a break while giving your baby a way to exercise and expend their energy.

In this article, we have looked at the best baby jumpers in three different categories; freestanding, doorway, and portable. So you can find the type of baby jumper most suited to your house (and your child!).

In this article we will be reviewing the following baby jumpers:

As you can see we have packed a lot in. So check out the table of contents below if you want to jump to the design that most interests you.

Baby Jumper Designs

There are three basic types of jumpers: freestanding, doorway, and portable. They each function relatively the same with slightly different designs and purposes.

Freestanding Activity Centers

Freestanding jumpers have a similar design concept to exersaucers or baby walkers. They consist of a basic frame and a seat surrounded by toys.

The main feature that sets freestanding jumpers apart is the fact that the seat area bounces. This may be due to the fact that the seat is suspended by springs and/or elastic straps. Some designs just feature a slight bounce in the legs of the frame or in the seat material itself.

In addition to the bouncing feature, there is usually a variety of toys included to keep your baby engaged in between bounces.

Keep in mind that even though freestanding jumpers aren’t mobile like baby walkers, your little one should only play while you are closely supervising in order to prevent injury.

Door Jumpers

Door jumpers take up much less space than freestanding activity centers. The only thing you need in order to install this jumper is a standard doorframe.

The basic design includes a bucket seat for your baby which is suspended from a thick strap and spring. You attach it to the door frame with a large clamp that hugs both side of the wall and sits on top of the frame to keep it from slipping.

There aren’t usually any toys included with these jumpers. However, there are a few budget-friendly models that do include a couple of detachable activities. Some models include bumpers on the side to keep your baby from hitting the door frame.

Adult supervision is very important when using this type of jumper; location is also of the utmost importance. Don’t install it in a stairwell, such as a doorway leading to the basement. Make sure there is plenty of space for your baby to move around.

Portable Jumpers

Sometimes you don’t want to feel confined to one room or even the interior of your home when allowing your baby some bouncing time.

Portable jumpers are a great idea when you want to be able to move around freely.

Some portable jumpers are simply collapsing, lightweight versions of freestanding jumpers. Others are like doorway jumpers that include a freestanding frame that can collapse and be transported easily.

Portable jumpers are best for use at the park, in the yard, or when you want to take a jumper to grandma and grandpa’s house.

Best Freestanding Baby Jumpers

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
The first jumper on our list is one of the most highly rated by parents nationwide: The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo.

This jumper has some great features that make it both safe and easy to use for your baby.

Because it is a freestanding jumper, there is no doorway required. It comes with its own frame with a seat that is suspended between three posts.

The springs which allow the seat to bounce as your baby jumps are covered with soft fabric so you don’t have to worry about their little fingers getting pinched.

Set up is a breeze as is “tear down.” The base of the frame collapses so that the whole thing is a bit smaller for storing in a closet when not in use.

With a seat that rotates 360-degrees, your baby can turn to face all of the toys that surround them, from soft toys suspended above for batting to the light-up electronic component that plays music.

Speaking of the music maker, there are two settings for this toy. You can choose continuous play, which will rotate through the songs for about 4 minutes, or you can set it to respond to your baby’s motion, which will encourage them to jump more.


  • Seat rotates 360-degrees for access to all toys
  • Soft spring covers to avoid pinching fingers
  • Frame pivots to a nesting position for easy storage
  • Electronic component has option for extended play
  • Motion sensors encourage movement


  • Seat cannot be removed for washing
  • Overly expensive
  • Swivel seat is a bit stiff
  • Takes up a lot of space when set up
  • Some toys may not be engaging enough for babies

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2. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery

Baby Einstein always creates excellent products that introduce learning from a young age, and this freestanding jumper is no exception.

The entire jumper theme is visually stimulating. Though this one features an ocean theme, there are also two others available in this same jumper style – Neighborhood Symphony (music theme) and Journey of Discovery (travel theme).

The electronic component is removable for use outside of the jumper. It also introduces colors and numbers in English, Spanish, and French, a great way to get your baby introduced to other languages.

There are toys all around, both suspended above and around the play saucer, and the seat rotates 360 degrees so your baby can reach them all.

Unlike many other jumpers that only have 3 height adjustment levels, this one features 4 which will hopefully last your baby a bit longer.


  • Set rotates 360-degrees
  • Electronic play station is removable
  • 4 adjustable height positions
  • Introduces colors and numbers in three languages
  • 3 different jumper designs


  • Seat is not removable for washing
  • Small base may cause the frame to tip over
  • A bit expensive
  • No option for continuous music play
  • Paint on toys comes off easily

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3. Summer Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center

Summer Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center

If you want to have a jumper that is easy to take with you or to just keep in your car to use at the park, the Summer Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center may be a good choice for you.

It is a very inexpensive option for a jumper that is easily portable. It even comes with a carrying case to make it easier to transport.

This jumper is designed with outdoor use in mind.

The jumping base creates a nice barrier between your baby’s feet and the dirty ground. There is also a sun canopy that helps to create shade and protect your little one from harmful UV rays.

You can expect that parts of this jumper will get dirty if you are planning to use it outdoors. The good news is that the seat area is removable and machine washable, making cleanup a little bit easier.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Seat can be removed for machine washing
  • UV Canopy protects baby from the sun
  • Jumping base keeps feet clean when used outside
  • Comes with a convenient carrying bag


  • Not many toys to play with
  • Doesn’t bounce as much as other jumpers
  • Travel bag rips easily
  • Difficult to adjust height
  • Jumping surface is very slick

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4. MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo Activity Jumper

MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo Activity Jumper

What little girl doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? This cute, fun jumper features all of the pink and polka dots that can be expected from a Minnie Mouse themed product with loads of toys and activities to keep your little one entertained.

The seat is definitely worth mentioning for a couple of reasons. First, it rotates 360-degrees, making it easy for your baby to reach all of the toys and activities that surround them.

It also features a removable seat pad that can either be easily wiped down or machine washed.

There are plenty of toys and activities to keep your baby entertained (12 total). If that isn’t enough, there are also extra loops for additional toys attachments, allowing your little one to always have their favorite toy(s) nearby.


  • Seat is removable and machine washable
  • 12 toys and activities as well as extra loops for more toy attachments
  • Makes fun giggling noises with your baby’s movement
  • Seat rotates 360-degrees
  • Cute, feminine design


  • Seat is not comfortable on bare baby legs
  • A bit overpriced for the quality
  • Feels a bit flimsy
  • Targeted toward girls only
  • Difficult to store due to size

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5. Fisher-Price Jumperoo: Animal Activity

Fisher-Price Jumperoo: Animal Activity

Another great Jumperoo from Fisher-Price is this animal activity themed one. It has a lot of the same design features but at a slighter cheaper price. There are also two color schemes available for you to choose from.

There are plenty of toys and activity stations located all the way around your baby, and the seat rotates 360-degrees so they can reach them all. The seat pad is also removable and machine washable.

The choice of colors as well as the types of activities included promote the development of both your baby’s senses as well as their motor skills.

Music, lights, and sounds are triggered by your baby’s movements, which encourages them to jump more.


  • Music, lights, and sounds respond to baby’s movement
  • 360-degrees of play
  • Removable, machine washable seat
  • 3 fun play stations as well as toys that hang overhead
  • Colors and activities promote development of baby’s senses and motor skills


  • Tight leg holes rub baby’s legs and make it difficult to get baby out
  • Snap in toys come off easily
  • Seat attachment holes wear out easily
  • Heavy to move from room to room
  • Need to lubricate the seat to get it to spin properly

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Best Doorway Baby Jumpers

1. Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp

Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp

Moving onto doorway jumpers, the first on our list is the ever-popular Jolly Jumper. Don’t let the expensive price tag dissuade you; the quality of this product is well worth the price you pay.

Rather than some of the cheaper materials you find on other doorway jumpers, the Jolly Jumper features very sturdy, high-quality materials that will last you through a few babies with very little wear and tear.

There are also additional safety features worth noting that cannot be found on other jumpers. This one has a dual harness system that includes both Velcro straps and buckles.

The seat itself – arguably the most important feature of a jumper – is designed very well. It is deep, with the opening coming up to chest height to keep your baby upright, and the leg holes are padded well enough to make it comfortable to use even with bare legs.

Just be sure to pay very close attention to the maximum doorway dimensions allowed with this jumper to be sure you can use it in your home.


  • Very sturdy, high quality materials
  • Deep seat holds baby upright
  • Additional safety with straps and buckles
  • Seat holes are comfortable
  • Has a lot of bounce to it


  • Must pay close attention to doorway dimensions
  • No toys or activities to enjoy
  • Doesn’t work in 8-foot door frame
  • A bit expensive
  • Difficult to get baby in and out

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2. Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Deluxe Door Jumper

Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Deluxe Door Jumper

Though very few doorway jumpers can compare with the Jolly Jumper when it comes to quality, there are still several others worth noting that still function well and provide plenty of fun for your little one.

Moving on to budget-friendly doorway jumpers, the Bright Starts Bounce N’ Spring door jumper is a great choice.

Unlike the Jolly Jumper, this jumper has a few toys and teethers to keep your little one entertained when they need a short break from jumping.

The frame itself is lightweight and easy to set up within a matter of seconds, so it is easily potable from room to room in your home.

Padding on the seat rim and round the legs makes it comfortable for your little one, although its design is a bit lacking as it is a bit too wide and shallow for weaker babies to remain upright.

However, there is a detachable pillow included to help stabilize your little one. Plus, the seat pad is removable for washing, which is an added bonus.


  • Includes toys and teethers
  • Lightweight frame for portability
  • Padded seat is very comfortable
  • Seat pad is machine washable
  • Detachable pillow for tummy time


  • Leg holes are far apart
  • Difficult to get baby in and out
  • Seat is a bit shallow; baby may lean forward too much
  • Spring is too stiff for smaller babies to jump
  • Clamp may damage paint on walls

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3. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

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Similar in design to the doorway jumper from Bright Starts, the Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper offers the same method of bounce at a fraction of the price. In fact, it’s so cheap you could buy a couple for your home as well as one for the grandparents’ house without breaking the budget.

The design is pretty simple, just a clamp, spring, and suspended seat. There isn’t much more to it than that. And that’s really all you need if you’re just looking for a simple jumper to keep your little one entertained.

There aren’t any toys attached, but that shouldn’t really be a deterrent when you are making a purchase decision.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Fully enclosed spring to prevent injury
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight frame for portability


  • Very simple design lacking toys
  • Straps by baby’s face are not cushioned
  • Seat lacks padding around the legs

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4. Disney Baby Door Jumper

Disney Baby Door Jumper

If you love the Minnie Mouse design but don’t want to give up the space necessary for the freestanding jumper we looked at previously, perhaps this doorway jumper will be more to your liking.

You still get the adorable pink and white polka dot aesthetic but with a smaller footprint and a cheaper price.

The padded seat ring keeps your baby’s face protected as they are jumping as well as their gums when they inevitably chew on it.

They will also love the 3D Minnie Mouse on the front as her ears and bow are made with fun crinkle fabric.

While this jumper from Disney Baby is targeted toward females, there is also a Tigger design available for any little boys who would enjoy this jumper design.


  • 3D Minnie has crinkle ears and bow
  • Padded seat ring for comfort and safety
  • Lightweight frame for easy portability
  • Very inexpensive
  • Seat pad is machine washable


  • Large seat area doesn’t keep babies upright
  • Need to pay close attention to required doorway dimensions
  • Clamp may scratch the wall
  • No bumpers to prevent running into the doorway

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5. Infantino Go GaGa Up, Up & Away Deluxe Door Jumper

Infantino Go GaGa Up, Up & Away Deluxe Door Jumper

The Infantino Go GaGa Up, Up & Away jumper features an adorable theme with a few detachable toys for play time both in the jumper and out.

There really isn’t much to the design of this jumper that is different from some of the others we have looked at. The theme and toy selection are really what sets it apart.

You still have the same easy installation and safety features included on a basic doorway jumper.


  • Adjustable safety straps
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Adorable theme
  • Comes with several removable toys and teethers
  • Easy to install


  • Only fits standard doorways
  • Getting baby in and out is a bit difficult
  • Fabric on seat is irritating against bare legs
  • No bumpers to protect baby when swinging
  • Spring is a little stiff when baby starts jumping

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Best Portable Baby Jumper

Jolly Jumper – The Original Baby Exerciser with Super Stand

Jolly Jumper – The Original Baby Exerciser

This is the very same Jolly Jumper we looked at earlier in the doorway baby jumper section, only this time it includes a stand, allowing you to set it up virtually anywhere.

The Super Stand features a sturdy metal frame that is 6 feet tall, which works as a portable doorway for everyone’s favorite doorway jumper. This frame also allows you to take your baby’s jumper outdoors so you can both get a bit of fresh air and sunshine.


  • Same great Jolly Jumper features
  • Very sturdy design
  • Can be used indoors and out
  • No need for a door frame
  • Frame folds flat for storage


  • Super Stand has a large footprint
  • Very expensive
  • Cannot also be used as a doorway jumper
  • Takes quite a bit of effort to set up
  • No toys attached

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Baby Jumper Info and FAQs

Why Would I Use a Baby Jumper?

As we mentioned before, baby jumpers are a great way to give your arms and thighs a break from your baby’s bouncing while still allowing them to use up their energy and get some exercise.

They are also a safer alternative to baby walkers, which are known to cause multiple accidents every year all around the globe. Rather than a mobile activity center that can easily roll and fall, causing injury, baby jumpers are stationary.

What Age Can My Baby Use a Jumper?

Baby jumpers should not be used with babies that cannot hold up their heads. Your baby should have enough strength to support themselves in order to prevent injury. This is typically around the age of 4 months.

Some parents may choose to wait a little longer, when their baby has more back and neck strength (around 6 months old) just to be safe.

If you do decide to start on the earlier end of the scale, make sure you pack a blanket or towel into the seat with your baby in order to support them better.

Do They Actually Help with Leg Development?

Your baby can develop a little bit of leg strength with a baby jumper, but not as much as you may think. It is more of a way for your baby to use up their energy.

Due to the shape of the seat, the movements your baby uses when jumping, and the position of their feet on the floor, the exercise they get while using their baby jumper doesn’t do much to develop the strength or balance needed for walking.

Who Shouldn’t Use a Baby Jumper?

Baby jumpers should always be used under the close supervision of a parent or other adult. Even though they are stationary, injuries can still happen. Door jumpers can get twisted up and freestanding jumpers can still tip over.

If you are looking for an activity for your baby to enjoy while you take a quick shower or get a few things done around the house, a baby jumper is not the best choice.

Safety Risks

No product is perfect; malfunctions can still occur with even the best baby jumpers and cause injury to your baby.

Some freestanding jumpers are top heavy, allowing them to tip over easily. There have also been cases of straps snapping in faulty products, clamps falling due to improper installation on a doorframe.

The straps on door jumpers can get twisted as there is more freedom for spinning, swinging, and walking with these jumpers.

Fingers can easily get pinched in exposed springs, chains, or straps as well as some of the toys that may be included with a freestanding activity center/jumper.

Having other children in the house can also be a safety risk. Older children may try to push their younger sibling in a door jumper thinking it is a swing and bump them into the door frame. They may even cause more weight or stress on the jumper, causing it to fall or break.

Common Problems

Prolonged use of a baby jumper can also lead to developmental issues. You should only allow your baby to use their jumper for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time in order to avoid delays in walking and other developmental issues/injuries.

The seat design for most of these baby jumpers (as well as baby walkers) often put stress on a baby’s hips, causing their legs to spread wider than normal.

When bouncing in their jumper, babies often jump on their toes rather than their flat feet, practicing very sharp, sporadic, and uncontrolled movements.

All of these things can create bad habits, cause injury, or delay the achievement of certain developmental milestones, like walking.

Final Word

Baby jumpers are a great way for your baby to bounce like they want to while burning off some energy. You just always need to make sure you use them safely no matter what type of jumper you are using.

Follow installation and/or assemble instructions very closely and use any harnesses included any time your baby is in the jumper. Only allow them to jump while you are closely supervising, for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

As long as you keep these things in mind, you will find that a baby jumper can be great fun for the whole family.

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