Best Toddler Step Stools for the Kitchen and Bathroom in 2024

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If you are just looking for the fast answer for the best toddler step stool, we loved the iLove 2 Step Stool.

Part of raising a child is teaching them to be independent. While your baby starts in diapers, eventually they will be using the toilet on their own and washing their own hands. They will also start wanting to help you in the kitchen and reach other things that are too high for them on the counter.

While you may start out lifting them to reach all of these things, eventually you will want to find your child a step stool of their own to further their independence.

Not all step stools are created equal. Some products are taller than others with multiple steps while others are shorter with just one step. Other features may include an ability to adjust the height.

Keeping these things in mind as well as the main intended purpose will help you determine which step stool is best for you and your family.

In this article we will review the following toddler step stools for kids:

Best Toddler Step Stools

Step Stools vs Helper Towers

The first thing we need to clarify is the difference between a toddler step stool and a helper or learning tower.

A step stool is usually intended to to give your toddler a smaller boost, usually up to the toilet or the sink in the bathroom. Typically, a step stool features only one or two steps, and usually doesn’t give much more than a 10-15 inch boost at most (when there are multiple steps).

In comparison, a helper tower is intended for use in the kitchen. Aptly named, this product gives your child a boost to help you cook, bake, and with any other activities in the kitchen they may be interested in.

It usually features adjustable heights so it can be used with your baby, toddler, or young child.

The top area around the actual step surface is usually enclosed on all sides to keep children safe. This is a particularly important safety feature since these helper towers can be a few feet tall.

Step Stool Safety Features

Safety should always be the number one priority when selecting a step stool for your child. A slip and fall can cause serious injury to your toddler, even if the step stool surface is less than a foot from the ground.

There are a few important safety features to consider before purchasing the best toddler step stool.

Non-Slip Surface

Ideally, the actual stepping surface of the stool should have something to prevent slipping. Most of the time this is some sort of rubber material.

There may only be a section of the stool that is covered, or it may be the entire stepping surface. Other times, to help with ease of cleaning, there may be anti-slip “dots” that still provide overall coverage without completely covering the step surface with rubber.

No matter what type of non-slip surface is featured on the step stool, it is a good idea to find one that grips to little feet in some way.

Anti-Skid Feet

The most important safety feature of a toddler step stool are the anti-skid feet. You don’t really want to buy a stool without them.

In most cases, toddler step stools are used in the bathroom either to help your little one reach the sink to wash their hands or to give them a boost up to the potty while toilet training.

On tile floors that can sometimes be wet, you will want to make sure there are rubber grips on the bottom of the step stool feet. This will help to prevent the stool from slipping out from under your little one when they step up.

The best toddler step stool will either have small rubber feet on the bottom corners or will have longer strops on anti-skid material to prevent slipping.

Safety Rails

For taller stools and learning or helper towers, safety rails are a must, especially when there is more than one step on the stool. The taller the stool, the more damage will be done with a fall.

You will want to ensure the stool for your toddler has a safety rail.

This will give them stability as they have something to hold onto as they climb up and stand on the top step. It will also work as a guard rail so they don’t accidentally step off the edge.

Best Step Stools for your Toddler

1. iLove 2 Step Stool

iLove 2 Step Stool

The first product on our list of best kid step stools is this two-step model from iLove. This dual height stool features a slip-resistant base as well as anti-slip material on the stepping surface.

Each step is just over 5 inches tall, giving your kid an extra boost of 10 inches. It is one of the best options to help your kid reach the sink in order to wash their hands after using the bathroom.

The stool also features dual handles on the sides. This combined with its light weight makes it easy to carry, both for your and your toddler, when you need to use it at different sites around the house.

We would not recommend this stool for a baby or toddlers who aren’t secure on their feet. With the height of the stool, a tumble could result in a pretty serious injury.


  • Slip resistant rubber feet
  • Wide steps with anti-slip grip
  • Dual height with two steps
  • Non-BPA, non-PVC, environmentally friendly stain resistant plastic material
  • Can hold up to 175 pounds


  • Front cutout may have sharp plastic
  • Bottom step only have a non-slip edge, not full step
  • A bit narrow on top for children to have room to move

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2. Bumbo Step Stool

Bumbo Step Stool

This toddler step stool is one of the best products for potty training. It boosts your little one right up to the height of the toilet so they can become more independent when it’s time to go.

It is just over 6 inches tall, so it son’t help your little one reach the sink too easily until they are a bit older and taller.

Two of the best features of this step stool are the slip resistant step surface and the wide, sturdy base. You shouldn’t have any problem with slipping or tipping when your child is using their step stool. It can help eliminate a lot of worrying.


  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Non-slip step surface
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Sturdy base
  • No folding mechanism to pinch fingers


  • Short for some toddlers with only one step
  • Narrow step without much extra foot room
  • Non-slip base edge is very thin

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3. Simplay3 Sibling Step Stool

Simplay3 Sibling Step Stool

This toddler step stool is the best step stool for families who have more than one child, especially when they are different ages and heights.

There are two steps: the lowest is only about 5 inches off the ground while the top step is 10.5 inches tall. This dual height step stool for kids allows two children to wash their hands at one or even help you with tasks in the kitchen.

The plastic material is similar to what you would find in outdoor play equipment, like slides and playhouses. It is hollow inside, so water can get trapped inside when it drips in the cracks.

Apart from this minor inconvenience, it really is the perfect step stool for your children to use together.


  • Two heights for children of differing ages
  • Sturdy base
  • Handles on the side for moving between rooms
  • Made in the USA
  • Supports up to 300 pounds


  • Does not have a non-slip step surface
  • May trap water inside
  • Difficult to clean with several small crevices

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4. OXO Tot Step Stool

OXO Tot Step Stool

Similar to the Bumbo step stool, this one has a single step and a step surface that is completely covered with an anti-slip material on the surface. It may not be the best for all toddlers when using at the sink, but it is one of the best products for potty training.

At 7 inches, it is taller than a lot of other step stools that only have a single step. It gives your child just the right boost of height to reach the toilet easily. It also has a 200 pound weight capacity, which makes it a great choice for adult use as well.


  • Entire step surface has non-slip material
  • Weight maximum is 200 pounds
  • Easy grip handles for moving between rooms
  • Taller than other single step stools


  • Tips easily if the edge is stepped on
  • A bit short for use at the bathroom sink
  • A bit overpriced for its simple design

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5. Handy Laundry Folding Step Stool

Handy Laundry Folding Step Stool

Sometimes these bulky step stools can get in the way. They are hard to store unless you have a nearby closet or enough space under the sink. This little folding stool is great for potty training and can easily be stored next to the toilet where it is easy to access while staying out of the way.

This step stool will give your child about a 9 inch height boost. Taller children should be able to reach the bathroom sink while shorter kids – baby or toddlers – may only be able to use it for potty training.

You should probably avoid letting your baby or child use this step stool on their own. Fingers can get pinched easily in the moving parts.


  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Anti-skid foot pads
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Grip dot texture to prevent slipping under little feet
  • Easy to carry handle


  • Can pinch fingers when folding and unfolding
  • Not very tall
  • Can collapse if not unfolded properly

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6. Baby Bjorn Step Stool

Baby Bjorn Step Stool

The Baby Bjorn step stool has a pretty simple design. The standing surface is slightly smaller than a sheet of paper. This may or may not work for some children depending on their size, but it should be the perfect amount of surface area for toddlers.

The entire standing surface is covered on non-slip material, so you don’t need to worry much about your kids slipping. It also comes in several different colors, so you easily can find one that matches your bathroom aesthetic.


  • Stable and hard to tip over
  • Full non-slip standing surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Feet are anti-skid
  • Comes in multiple colors


  • A bit short to use as a sink stool
  • Standing surface is slightly smaller than a sheet of paper
  • Feet still slip on some floor surfaces

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7. Wood City Wooden 2 Step Stool

Wood City Wooden 2 Step Stool

If you need something taller for use at the sink, and you’re looking for something sturdy, this stool is definitely the one for you and your toddlers. This two-step wooden step stool is very sturdy with the ability to hold up to 200 pounds without bowing or cracking.

It’s a bit unclear what type of wood this stool is made with. Some say birch wood or pine while others say it’s a type of laminate material. No matter what type of material this wooden step stool is made of, it is still one of the best for use at the bathroom sink.


  • Two steps help children reach higher
  • Non-slip feet
  • Durable construction with natural wood
  • Sturdy frame doesn’t tip easily
  • Easy to wipe down and clean


  • Difficult for children to move on their own
  • Better for sure footed children no younger than 3
  • Screws may not fasten well or come loose

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8. Ikea Forsiktig Step Stool

Ikea Forsiktig Step Stool

This toddler step stool is one of the best for potty training. The step stool contours right to the base of the toilet so kids can easily get that height boost right up to the seat. It sits 9 inches off the ground, so it’s not the best for use at the bathroom sink unless you have taller toddlers.

We wouldn’t recommend this stool for adult use. It definitely has a tendency to bow under too much weight. But it is perfect for baby and toddler use.


  • Non-slip dots on step surface
  • Small and lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Sits directly on the ground for added stability
  • Big anti-skid runners on the underside


  • Too short for a two year old to reach a standard bathroom sink
  • Plastic bows under too much weight
  • A little overpriced

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9. DreamBaby Step Stool

DreamBaby Step Stool

This step stool is almost identical to the Ikea one. It contours nicely to the base of the toilet and gives kids and toddlers a boost up to the toilet. The non-slip step surface is also very similar with the rubberized dots that keep your child from slipping.

The biggest difference, however, is with the stool height. Where the Ikea step stool was about 9 inches tall, this one is only about 5 inches tall. It would be difficult to use at the sink but great to use with the toilet.


  • Easy to clean
  • Sits directly on the ground to help with overall stability
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Lightweight and easy for little ones to carry
  • Anti-skid base


  • Not tall enough for toddlers to reach a standard sink
  • Has a relatively small step surface
  • Weight limit information differs between online description and product packaging

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10. Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool

Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool

This is the best step stool if you are looking for products that are reliable, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing. Made with bamboo, this wooden step stool for toddlers features non-toxic materials.

It is extremely durable as well, with the ability to hold up to 200 pounds.

It is a very nice looking stool and it is small and lightweight enough for your child to move on their own wherever it may be needed. This step stool is easy to keep clean, but water and other things can get trapped in the grooves of the stool.


  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from sustainable, non-toxic materials
  • Durable and can hold up to 200 pounds
  • Lightweight for children to move as needed


  • Color is lighter than it appears in photos
  • Traps water in the surface grooves
  • A bit overpriced

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Other Assessment Criteria

Weight Limit

While most step stools are capable of holding the weight of a toddler, you will still want to be aware of the maximum weight capacity allowed. Sometimes your child will stand on the stool with a sibling; you may even need to borrow it sometimes to reach something in the top cabinet of your kitchen.

The average step stool for toddlers can hold up to 150 pounds. However, there are some that may feel like they can’t handle the weight safely, slightly bending and bowing under the weight. So, just be careful when putting your full weight on it for the first time.

Build Quality

Going hand in hand with weight capacity is build quality. If your step stool is made with high quality materials, you don’t need to worry very much about it bowing or breaking under the weight of a child.

Plastic stools can be hit or miss when it comes to quality. Some of them are made very well while others can feel more flimsy and fragile. Wooden step stools tend to be a bit better when it comes to strength, but depending on the wood quality, you may be looking at splinters.

No one stool is perfect for everyone’s needs. It would be best to read customer reviews – the good and the bad – to see what they have to say about build quality before making a purchase.

Adjustable Height

Some standard stools just aren’t tall enough to do everything you need. They may be tall enough to help with potty training, but they may miss the mark when it comes to giving children a boost to the sink to wash their hands. These smaller stools are also no good at helping your little partners reach the kitchen counter to help you cook.

Finding a step stool for kids that is adjustable in height can be very useful. Many times, you will find that the learning tower includes this feature.

Another option is to find a two-step stool for your toddler. This will help your toddler by giving them that extra boost of height so they can reach everything they need to on their own.

Easy to Clean

Whether you are looking for a kids step stool for the bathroom or kitchen, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be messes. Water dripping, toilet training accidents, and even drips from the kitchen counter that will stick to the step stool.

It’s always a good idea to look for a step stool that is easy to clean. Toddler step stools that have non-slip material that completely covers the step surface can be difficult to clean. So can step stools that have some sort of texture to them. Food and messes can get stuck in the grooves, making it difficult to clean out completely.

A smoother surface that can be easily wiped down is better. You don’t need to worry about hard to clean messes and gunk that will build up in hard to reach areas.

Final Word

Finding the best step stool for your toddler doesn’t have to be difficult. Just make note of the tasks you will need it for – whether it’s for giving your child a boost for toilet training, washing their own hands at the sink, or helping you create the menu in the kitchen.

Taking these things into consideration will help you narrow down the type of stool you will need, including the number of steps and overall height. There is something out there for everyone.

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