Edible Apple and Candy Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving apple turkey is a cute and edible craft project that will be sure to capture your child’s attention.

It is a quick and easy activity to do with your kids to get them into the Thanksgiving spirit and start to teach them about some of the traditions associated with this holiday. 

We have a detailed step by step guide including video, photos, and written instructions so you can make this edible apple and candy turkey craft at home this Thanksgiving. 

Edible Apple and Candy Turkey Craft

Prepare Edible Craft Materials

This project requires a food platter rather than the usual craft area setup. Colored paper, scissors and glue are replaced by apples and gummy candy.

The toothpicks are your only real hazard that you need to be careful of. The ends can be quite sharp and a toddler could do some damage if they start poking these around…. Especially to your apples if they get the chance!

Aside from a clean table area the only other thing you need is clean hands. This is food after all.

Apply Turkey Craft Candy and Materials

Apple Turkey Craft Video Demonstration

Before you jump into the instructions for how to make your own apple turkeys you should take am minute to watch the video below. 

We show you the whole project from start to finish in just over 90 seconds, and it will help you navigate the steps once you understand how this comes together. 




How to Make an Edible Apple and Candy Turkey Craft

How to Make an Apple Turkey Craft

Who would have thought you could make such funny looking turkeys from an apple and a few pieces of gummy candy?

This adorable apple craft can be a colorful addition to your table decorations this Thanksgiving and your kids will have a lot of fun making them.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Difficulty Easy



Stage 1: Assemble the Turkey Wings

  1. Step 1 - Take your gummy candy and thread on to a toothpick, using an assortment of colors to brighten up the feathers. Make sure to leave the sharp end of the toothpick exposed. Step 1
  2. Step 2 - Insert the end of the toothpick into your apple at an angle that will see the feathers lift up towards the sky.
  3. Step 3 - Repeat for as many wings as you can fit on one side of the apple. Step 3

Stage 2: Assemble the Facial Features of the Turkey

  1. Step 4 - Take a marshmallow and hollow out two small holes side by side that are about the size of your raisins. You can then place a raisin in each hole for the Turkey's eyes. Step 4
  2. Step 5 - Insert a toothpick into the apple on the opposite side to your gummy feathers and push about halfway in. From there you can take your turkey head and place on the toothpick sticking out of the apple with the eyes facing out. Step 5
  3. Step 6 - Attach a gummy worm on the lower side of the marshmallow face to represent the turkey's snood. You can push another toothpick right through the gummy worm and into the apple to hold it in place. Step 6

Stage 3: Assemble the Feet of the Turkey Apple Craft

  1. Step 7 - Thread a toothpick longways down another couple of gummy worms, again leaving half the toothpick exposed. Step 7
  2. Step 8 - Insert your toothpick into the base of the apple on a forward angle so that the apple base can still rest with stability. This will create the feet of the turkey. Step 8
  3. Step 9 - You now have some cool turkey table decorations that you can east after your roast turkey Thanksgiving dinner! Complete Apple Turkey Craft

Why Make Edible Turkey Crafts?

What better way to get your kids involved in some craft activities than the prospect of being able to eat their creation upon completion? 

This is an easy craft to make and will not cost much at all. In fact, you may be able to pull this together from leftover candy in the pantry and a couple of apples in your fruit bowl. 

They are a cute addition to your Thanksgiving table and will be sure to impress. 

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Final Word

Your kids will have a lot of fun threading the candy in this project and sticking the turkey features into an apple. But you may have to keep your eyes open so that the candy doesn’t vanish while making the craft.

It will be hard not to nibble while making this edible craft idea. Perhaps some sliced apples on the side could be a healthier distraction… 

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