10 Turkey Craft Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Thanksgiving themed crafts are a great way to get your children engaged in the celebrations and learn about some of the traditions. But it can be tough finding enough ideas to keep eager toddlers occupied for long! 

We have put together a list of easy craft ideas for your toddler that can mostly be done with paper, glue, and a little bit of paint. You may need to help out with some of the cutting, and assembly of these various turkeys.

There is also plenty in here that a toddler can be self-sufficient with and possibly keep them busy while you are running back and forth to the kitchen preparing the real-life turkey!

Turkey Craft Ideas for kids Toddlers and Preschoolers

Full Turkey Craft Instructions

If you spot a Thanksgiving craft idea that you would like more information on then click on the heading links.

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10 Turkey Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Turkey Centerpiece Craft

Thanksgiving Paper Bag Turkey Centerpiece Craft

First on our list is a big turkey basket, shaped from a paper bag that can feature as your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Not only will your kids feel proud that their creation has made it to the Thanksgiving dinner table, but if you fill it with dessert candy you can be sure this craft project will be the center of their attention throughout.

2. Turkey Paper Hats

Step 14

If you want to add some color to all of your guests at Thanksgiving dinner then you and your kids can create a bunch of these for all who attend. 

The headbands can be a bit tricky to get right as they should be full adjustable and able to fit all sizes. But the other elements are a piece of cake! 

3. Footprint and Handprint Turkey

Assembled Turkey Footand Handprint Craft

This is the messiest project on our list and no doubt a young toddler will love the chance to get painted up on their feet and hands. 

Be prepared to sacrifice some towels to protect the rest of your house from wandering painted feet. 

The end result is a quirky turkey that doubles as a little snapshot in time when those feet and hands were as small as they ever would be again. 

A nice little keepsake for the future, as well as a fun decoration to create. 

4. Paper Plate Turkeys

Paper Plate Turkeys

The paper plate turkeys have less going for them in terms of the final look. But this craft project involved more painting than the others. 

You may want to be more creative with the colors than we have been in the picture above. You can certainly try and use brighter colors, and even cut some ruffles into the edge of the plates at the top. 

If you have young kids that love to paint, then let them loose on this one. 

5. Turkey Hand Craft

Turkey Hand Craft

This handprint craft idea presents much better than our previous effort. Perhaps take the vibrant tailfeather colors as inspiration to brighten up the painting on those paper plates. 

The turkey hand craft is entirely paper and much less messy than our projects involving paint. They look fantastic and only really require a handful of elements. 

What I liked about these is they press flat which makes them easy to store. If you use your children’s handprint then it is another little keepsake to hang on to for the future. 

6. Stuffed Paper Bag Turkey

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

This project starts out with a lot of tearing and ripping of paper to get that stuffed effect on the turkey’s body. 

From there you follow a similar pattern of decoration to many other projects on this list. I imagine you are becoming a pro at cutting out turkey beaks and snoods by now! 

Again you have the chance to add some color through the tail feathers. They take on a different shape this time but once spread out they create an equally eye-catching Thanksgiving decoration.

7. Toilet Paper Roll Turkeys

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

The discarded toilet roll is surprisingly versatile when it comes to crafts. These turkey little turkeys can be turned into small lamps, or just used as a simple decoration around your living room.

They also sit upon windowsills well and will get noticed as your guests arrive due to the eye-catching colors. 

If you are an avid recycler then this is a great way to put that cardboard to good use, instead of in the trash. 

8. Edible Apple & Candy Turkey Craft

How to Make an Apple Turkey Craft

A turkey craft project that you can eat? You could almost get away with calling this one healthy too, depending on how much candy you allow your kids to add. 

By using toothpicks and a handful of gummy candy, worms, marshmallows, and raisins you can turn your ordinary apple into a cute little turkey decoration that you can place around the dinner table at Thanksgiving. 

9. Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

Completed Coffee Filter Turkey Craft

This bright and colorful craft project gives your kids free reign to color in the coffee filters any way they like. It is a great way to get those creative juices flowing! 

But the twist comes when it is time to apply water to the colored surface, and then dab with tissue, to create a unique blend of colors.

This requires care and attention, and your kids will no doubt be proud of the result. 

10. Turkey Craft with Leaves

Leaf Turkey Craft Idea

This goofy looking turkey involves less cutting and more drawing & coloring in. But the best part is the array of colorful fall leaves that you can hunt for to make up your turkey craft. 

Maple leaves especially have a perfect shape to incorporate into this kind of project, and the fall colors are pretty close to the usual turkey feathers (go for slightly darker than this one!).

More Holiday Themes Crafts

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Final Word

So there are some Thanksgiving craft ideas to kickstart your holiday season. 

Teaching your kids about Thanksgiving traditions through craft is a great way to engage them in the idea for this holiday, while also challenging them to create things that they can point to and be proud of when the family gathers around. 

You can be sure to have little chatterboxes showing off their completed projects to all who will listen when celebrating your next Thanksgiving holiday with these craft ideas. 

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