String Easter Egg Balloon Craft Activity for Kids

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This string Easter egg craft idea looks very sophisticated but is actually very easy to re-create.

It is both a fun activity for kids to get involved in and a colorful addition to your home this Easter.

Full instructions and a video demonstration have been provided so you can make your string Easter egg crafts easily at home.

String Easter Egg Craft Activity for Kids

Prepare Your String Craft Materials

This craft project can made with a few different types of string or yarn. We have gone with embroidery floss for the demonstration project.

Aside from that you just need balloons and glue to create the Easter egg shape.

Easter Egg String Craft Materials

Easter Egg String Craft Video Demonstration

Check out the video below for a full walkthrough of the project. This is in a time-lapse format and takes just a few minutes.

This will show you the easiest way to stir your floss into the glue mixture, and how dense the string should be wrapped around the balloon.

We didn’t quite get that egg shape perfect on this one so keep an eye on how much air you put in that balloon!

How to Make a String Easter Egg Balloon Craft

How to make String Easter Eggs

This craft idea creates Easter egg shapes made entirely from string. While the method is clever and the end result looks fancy, it is actually quite easy and a fun activity for kids to get involved in as part of your Easter celebrations.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 1 day
Total Time 1 day 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


Stage 1 - Set your String in an Egg Shape

  1. Step 1 - Pour the glue into a mixing container and then add an equal amount of water. Mix thoroughly. Step 1
  2. Step 2 - Place the embroidery floss in the glue mixture and mix in a circular motion. Soak for at least one minute. Step 2
  3. Step 3 - Blow up some balloons to your desired egg size.
  4. Step 4 - Wrap the embroidery floss around the balloon until there is enough coverage for it to hold itself together, but still with space between the floss. Step 4

Stage 2 - Dry the Floss and Remove the Balloons

  1. Step 5 - Clip the balloons onto a coathanger and place in a shaded part of the house so it can dry gently. This will take 12-24 hours depending on how hot it is. If you try and dry in the sunlight you may find that the shape will warp so best to be patient.
  2. Step 6 - When the string has dried completely it is time to pop the balloon. Step 6
  3. Step 7 - Carefully remove the deflated balloon from the inside of the egg shape using some tweezers.

Stage 3 - Prepare your String Easter Eggs for Decoration

  1. Step 8 - If you would like to hang them up in a garland style decoration then take a length of yarn and thread through each string egg. Step 8
  2. Step 9 - Your Easter String Egg craft decoration is ready to be placed around the house or outside. Completed String Easter Egg Craft Idea

Why Make These String Easter Eggs

If you make a series of these string Easter eggs in different colors then you can hang them up like a garland decoration. It adds a lot of color to your house or backyard when it its time for the big Easter egg hunt.

They also look very impressive despite the simple process to create. Your friends and family will be impressed!

But the kids ultimately get the bragging rights here. They will have a lot of fun getting mess and sticky while they make these string Easter eggs.

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Final Word

This is an easy project to repeat each year and the kids will no doubt be looking forward to it as you prepare for Easter.

Even after the Easter celebrations the string eggs are a nice decoration to add to an unused fruit bowl in the kitchen, or just around your child’s room. If they are sturdy enough they will maintain their shape for a long time.

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