9 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids: Bunny, Egg and Basket Themed Activities

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There are so many fun craft ideas that are great for kids at Easter time. With the Easter bunny, chocolate eggs, and baby chicks all being friendly characters and decorations to re-create in your own unique way.

All of these Easter craft projects can be made at home with your children, and are easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to have a great time making them.

They are also very cheap to make with the usual craft supplies used for most projects. So read on to get inspired ahead of the Easter season!

Easter Craft Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Full Easter Craft Instructions

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9 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

1. Paper Plate Easter Baskets

How to make a paper plate easter basket

What better way to prepare for an Easter egg hunt than to make your own baskets!

The base is made from paper plates that are cut, shaped, and glued. Then your kids can decorate them however they like.

We have used foam paper flowers, and paint directly on the paper plate in the example projects.

2. Egg Carton Easter Baskets

Step 6

These tiny Easter baskets are more of a decoration. Unless you plan on allowing your kids just the one Easter egg. Which we both know won’t happen…

A few of these colorful baskets together make a great display around the kitchen.

Your kids will have lots of fun painting these and experimenting with some bright colors.

3. Easter Bunny and Chick Toilet Roll Craft

How to Make a Toilet Roll Easter Craft

Turn some ordinary leftover toilet roll into these cute Easter characters.

A great way to brighten up the house, while also showing your kids how to make best use of something likely headed for the trash.

This one is cheap, easy, and the end result adorable.

4. Cotton Ball Easter Bunny Craft

Complete Cotton Ball Easter Bunny Craft

We ramp the cuteness up a notch with these Easter bunny faces on a bed of cotton balls, glued all over a paper plate.

The gluing stage can get messy – you have to be generous in its application. So your kids will probably love that part, and the sticking of the cotton balls that follow.

From there you add the features and this cotton mess comes to life.

5. Easter Candy Crafts

How to Make Easter Candy Crafts

Easter and candy go hand in hand. What better way to get the kids excited than to decorate the candy itself?

We have provided some free printables to help add the characters in and all you will need is some paper and a lot of glue & tape.

Great for preparing gifts for friends and family, or just a fun family activity.

6. Decorative Easter Paper Garland

How to make a Paper Easter Egg Garland

This is a paper-based Easter egg decoration competition. Once you have a few creations you can hang them up on a length of yarn and hang them up around the house.

We have gone for the Easter bunny and baby chicks with our example project.

7. String Easter Egg Craft

How to make String Easter Eggs

This craft idea creates Easter egg shapes made entirely from string.

While the method is clever and the end result looks fancy, it is actually quite easy and a fun activity for kids to get involved in as part of your Easter celebrations.

8. Easter Egg Wreath Craft

Complete Easter Egg Wreath Craft

This Easter egg wreath craft is a fun way for kids to get involved in making the decorations at Easter time. Create a cute Easter bunny, and eggs to decorate using yardstick paper and add patterns and colors to your heart’s content.

This is a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers. They will be happy to see their creation sitting on the front door when people show up for the big Easter egg hunt.

9. Homemade Easter Card Craft

Homemade Easter Card Craft Ideas

If you are looking for a more personalized greeting card this year, while also saving some money then these DIY Easter cards are a fun craft activity to do with the kids.

Using handprints on paper we have created these Easter characters that fold out into a cute greeting card you can give out to friends and family.

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Final Word

These Easter craft ideas a great for toddlers and preschoolers, and will make some very colorful additions to your decorations.

We especially love the hand and footprint activities because those little hands and feet will be bigger next year. So any snapshot you can take of them will make for some important future memories.

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