St Patricks Day Wreath Craft Idea for Kids: Bright Colors and Shamrocks

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This colorful St Patricks Day wreath makes a great decoration to brighten up your home ahead of this year’s celebrations and is a fun activity for the kids. 

Below you will find full instructions to make your own wreath at home plus a video demonstration 

St Patricks Day Wreath Craft for Kids

Prepare Your Wreath Craft Materials

Once you have your cardboard base you can decorate your wreath with any materials you choose.

We have recycled some discarded cardboard for our project. You can buy thick cardboard sheets if you want something cleaner for the base of your project, but we found that an old box worked just fine. 

We have used colored paper for both covering the wreath, and for the shamrock decorations also.

St Patricks Day Wreath Materials

St Patricks Day Wreath Video Demonstration

We encourage you to watch the video below. It gives you a start to finish run-through of the project in approximately two minutes. 

Kids will be fine to do most of this project as long as they can safely cut with the scissors. You may need to help out with the shamrocks though depending on the level of detail in the cut. 


How to Make a St Patricks Day Wreath Craft

How to Make a St Patricks Day Wreath Craft

This St Patricks Day wreath is easy to make and a fun activity to do with kids. The colorful layers of paper will catch the eye, and the addition of some shamrocks for luck will make for a nice decoration to put up around the house.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Easy


Stage 1 - Create a Cardboard Wreath Base

  1. Step 1 - Using an old piece of cardboard we will trace and cut a ring shape to use as our base to decorate. Using a market you can either trace around something round, or use some yarn to anchor a center point to keep your circle even. Step 1
  2. Step 2 - We now repeat this step to mark the inner circle. If using yarn you can shorten your length by two inches and repeat.
  3. Step 3 - Grab your scissors and cut the outer edge first, followed by the inner line to remove the center of the cardboard. You should now have a perfectly shaped cardboard ring. Step 2

Stage 2 - Cut the St Patricks Day Themed Wreath Decorations

  1. Step 4 - The first decoration will be a layer of colorful paper strips. So grab a selection of colored paper and cut thin strips about an inch wide, and just a bit longer than the width of your cardboard base. Step 4
  2. Step 5 - Now we will get some bright green paper to cut out some shamrock/cloverleaf shapes. Trace the shape into the paper and cut 4-8 pieces. Step 5 Step 6

Stage 3 - Assemble the Wreath

  1. Step 6 - Glue the colored paper strips all the way around the ring with a very slight overlap so that the cardboard base is completely covered.
  2. Step 7 - Glue the shamrock shapes evenly around the wreath. Step 7
  3. Step 8 - Cut a length of yarn about 12" long and glue to the back of the wreath to create a loop for easy hanging.

Your St Patricks Day Wreath is now Ready for Decoration!!

Complete St Patricks Day Wreath

Why Make a St Patricks Day Wreath

This is a low cost and easy to make decoration to make at home, that is also a fun activity for the kids. 

They will have fun layering the colors and creating something that really pops on your front door. 

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Final Word

St Patricks Day is always a lot of fun for adults, but the kids can miss out sometimes. So this activity will get them involved before the big day. 

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