Snowman Footprint Craft Activity for Kids this Christmas

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The shape of a footprint follows that cone-like shape of a snowman and when you add in some arms and facial features this project comes together very quickly. 

In this project, we will be making some happy looking snowmen out of your kid’s footprints for a quick & easy Christmas craft activity. 

Making footprints as part of your craft activities is always a lot of fun and your kids will have a blast putting their stamp on this year’s Christmas decorations. 

In this post, we will walk you through how to make your own footprint snowman decorations at home. Complete with a video demonstration and written instructions. 

Snowman Footprint Craft Activity for Kids

Prepare Your Footprint Craft Materials

You can make this snowman craft with any colored paper you like, but we are going for pink and blue. But perhaps red and green would be more Christmassy… 

Just remember to use a color that adequately contrasts the white so you can easily see the outline of the snowman.

When preparing your craft area you will also want a quick way of cleaning the paint off those little feet before they walk off! 

Snowman Footprint Craft Materials

Snowman Footprint Video Demo

Check out the video below for a quick walkthrough of the project. This will make it easier to navigate the written instructions.  


How to Make a Footprint Snowman Craft

How to Make a Footprint Snowman

Make these cute snowman footprints in just five easy steps for a quick & easy Christmas craft project to add to your decorations. The kids will love getting messy and stamping their footprint as the building blocks of your snowman craft.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy


Stage 1: Create your Footprint

  1. Step 1 - Cover your intended foot in white paint. Step 1
  2. Step 2 - Stamp the foot on the colored paper. Leave in place long enough to get a good transfer of paint onto the footprint. Step 2
  3. Step 3 - Set aside to dry for 5 minutes (and clean the feet!). Step 3

Stage 2: Draw the Features of the Snowman

  1. Step 5 - Using a pen or marker, draw the facial features of the snowman, and use color orange pencil for the nose. Step 5
  2. Step 6 - Your adorable snowman footprints are ready for decoration!

Why Make a Snowman Footprint this Xmas

This snowman footprint craft is simple enough to make with young kids in just a few easy steps. They make for a cute, yet cheap, Christmas decoration.

We love footprint crafts here as it also gives you the chance to time stamp it and store it away after Christmas as a keepsake. In future years you can see how small those feet were at one point in time. 

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Final Word

Even when Christmas has passed you may find these hanging on the fridge for months to come. The little footprints are just too cute and the snowmen look very friendly (depending on how you draw them).

But if you’re not the fridge type, paint the date on and file them away. You can repeat it year after year to see how much bigger those feet are getting. 

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