5 Snowman Craft Ideas for Kids this Winter

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Some snowman crafts can have a dual purpose, with many able to be used as additional Christmas decorations throughout the holiday season.

While others are just fun projects for toddlers to complete throughout the winter months. They also make a fun family activity on those snow days when stuck inside. 

We have listed five of the best snowman craft ideas to do with your kids this winter. All with full instructions do DIY at home. 

Full Snowman Craft Instructions

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Snowman Craft Ideas for Young Kids

1. Footprint Snowman

How to Make a Footprint Snowman

Your toddler will have fun with this one, but it can also get messy fast if you’re not careful!

Simply get the paint ready and paint your baby’s foot white! Press it down onto the colored paper, and lift slowly to leave a well-defined footprint.

Once you clean the foot and give the paint a minute to dry, you can then get to work on decorating the print with snowman features.

2. Snowman Fingerprint Craft

Snowman Handprint Craft

Now it is the hand’s turn. All of the fun and messiness applies here as we stamp those handprints and then turn them into a group of happy snowmen. 

This activity is a bit heavier gives a bit more creative freedom to add variety between each snowman. 

Scarves, beanies, earmuffs, top hats plus a whole range of colors add some character to this craft activity.  

3. Snowman Paper Plates

Snowman Paper Plates Craft

Turn a couple of paper plates into a fat and jolly snowman, and decorate however you like. 

We have gone for the classy look with the top hat,  scarf and colored buttons.

All made from colored paper which makes it a cheap project to make. 

4. Snowman Jar Craft

Snowman Jar Craft

These cute little jar crafts will make a quirky addition to your kitchen long after the snow has cleared. 

5. Snowman Tea Light Craft

Snowman Craft with Tea Light

If you are looking for some homemade ornaments to add to your Christmas tree then these tea light snowmen are quick & easy to make. 

The kids will enjoy hanging up their own decorations and the lights will add some good variety to the tree’s display. 

Final Word

These snowman craft ideas a great for toddlers and preschoolers, and will make some very colorful additions to your Christmas decorations. Or just some fun projects outside of the holiday season. 

We especially love the hand and footprint activities because those little hands and feet will be bigger next year. So any snapshot you can take of them will make for some important future memories. 

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