Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Christmas is an exciting time for a little toddler, and what better way to get your children involved in the preparations than having them help make some of the decorations.

We have curated a number of simple craft ideas that you can turn into family activities as the holiday season approaches. 

Full Xmas Craft Instructions

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5 Christmas Craft Ideas for Toddlers

1. Paper Chain Christmas Trees

Paper Chain Christmas Tree

A little bit of trickery will turn one tree cut into four. Watch your kids light up as you pull the paper apart to reveal the layers that hide underneath.

Once cut you can either have your kids try and cut out their own, or they could just get to work decorating them. 

We have used buttons and pom poms, but you can draw, paint, or color your way to a fun decoration. 

2. Christmas Craft Hats

Christmas Craft Hats

If you have guests coming over for Christmas dinner then you can prepare a cardboard xmas hat for everyone. 

All you need is some rolled up cardboard, pipe cleaners, and some tinsel. From there you can decorate as you please. 

A great way for the kids to make a visible contribution to the big day. 

3. Christmas Tree Paper Craft

Christmas Tree Paper Craft

This craft idea requires a bit more precision to complete and will be a challenge for younger toddlers. 

Cutting the trees is the easy part, but threading a straw through the paper without tearing it will need to be done with care. 

But the end result is worth some patience!

4. Popsicle Sticks Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Craft with Popsicle Sticks

This Christmas tree project is a little more forgiving in the assembly, and more focussed on the decorative side of things. 

You create your tree structure using craft sticks and can then paint and stick your way to a unique xmas tree decoration. 

5. Footprint Snowman

Snowman Footprint

Your toddler will have fun with this one, but it can also get messy fast if you’re not careful!

Simply get the paint ready and paint your baby’s foot white! Press it down onto the colored paper, and lift slowly to leave a well-defined footprint.

Once you clean the foot and give the paint a minute to dry, you can then get to work on decorating the print with snowman features.

Final Word

These simple Christmas craft ideas will keep the family going for many hours. 

Each has a different set of challenges for your kids to master and present some great learning opportunities while making a contribution to the holiday decorations. 

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