The Breastfeeding Life

from co-sleeping to crib
baby cribs and bedding

You are likely to face many challenges in your breastfeeding journey. From your baby biting, to unusual lumps appearing in your breast tissue. We will answer all of these questions and more relating to managing your baby and your health through this process. 

Nursery decor and furniture

To supplement or not to supplement... Body training, diet and and lifestyle will all play their role in how much milk you produce. Whether you want to increase this, or wind it down as your baby weans off the boob. You will find what you need here. 

nursery safety and monitoring

Your baby waits for no one, and will not get hungry just when it is convenient. If you have returned to work early you also may be pumping away in the office. Covering up is a personal choice and we look at what covers and scarfs will serve you best in each life situation. If you choose to cover up at all. 

baby sleep

Speaking of going back to work, if you will be away form your baby for any length of time while they are exclusively on breastmilk you will need to have a supply on hand. Pumping the milk is just the start of the process. You need to refrigerate and manage your stock to ensure it is safe for consumption, and also prepare for consumption correctly.